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Nexos Invest provides investors with fast financing to complete residential and commercial construction projects, such as new builds and renovations. We offer funding for an array of property types and all kinds of construction projects.

What Is a Construction Loans?

A construction or “ground up” loan is typically a short-term loan used for the sole purpose of financing the building, of an income-producing property, investment property, or commercial real estate project.

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What are the types of properties qualified for Construction Loans?

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Loan Terms

Looking for private funding for your next investment property? Nexos Invest offers Construction Loans throughout Florida to help future investors get the funding they need to, develop an investment property. Our team of professionals will work to provide the best Construction Loan options for your investment project.

Up to 12-18 months

Up tp 80% of LTC

No Prepayment Penalty

Loan Amount: Minimum $250,000