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Explore our Investor Referral Program to access fresh financial growth avenues. Earn attractive referral fees and engage in a thriving community. Join us now to kickstart your journey towards a secure financial future.

Meet Guillermo Intile, Your Investor Relations Manager

At the core of our Investor Relations department lies Guillermo, a seasoned Investor Relations expert with a rich background in finance. His dedication to aiding others in achieving success shines through in every interaction. Guillermo is committed to orchestrating a seamless and fulfilling journey for both you as the client and the investors you bring on board.

Cell Phone: +1 (305) 504-1451

Unlock Financial Opportunities with Nexos Invest's Investor Referral Program

Are you ready to embark on a journey toward financial success? At Nexos Invest, we’re not just about providing fast and flexible private lending solutions; we’re also about building a community of growth-minded individuals. Our Investor Referral Program offers you a unique chance to be part of something bigger.

Who Can Benefit from Our Referral Program?

Our program is designed to accommodate a diverse range of profiles, ensuring that everyone has a chance to participate and prosper:

  • 1

    Independent/Retired Individuals

    Navigate the complexities of income structures with confidence.

  • 2

    Real Estate Investors

    Discover new financing avenues to fuel your investment endeavors.

  • 3

    Investors Seeking Liquidity Tied to Real Estate

    Unlock the hidden potential of your real estate assets.

  • 4

    Individuals Awaiting Payments from Investments, Legal Matters, or Asset Sales

    Bridge the financial gap while you wait for your funds.

  • 5

    Those in Need of Fast Financing to Seize Opportunities

    Act quickly on time-sensitive investment opportunities with our swift funding solutions.

Guillermo Intile
Nexos - Investor Relations Manager
Email :
Cell Phone : +1 (305) 504-1451

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